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: September 2013
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I was always a fan of steampunk - even before I knew what steampunk was. I was more or less raised on fantasy and science fiction. In our house was a copy of The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, a massive book that included time lines,major authors, novels, pulp fiction, TV series and films, etc. I was from here that I noticed that the natural progression of science fiction seemed to start with steampunk and the time it seems wedded to -- the Victorian era. As a big fan and viewer of various adaptations of Sherlock Holmes, especially the UK ones, which were set in actual Victorian areas and showed off the era’s buildings and fashions, that’s also one of my favorite eras. Combine my two great loves and you get steam-based technology with some early electricity along with the clothes and mannerisms of the Victorian era added; and I think you understand why steampunk appeals to me.

My first hints of truly discovering and understanding steampunk were glimpses from some of my favorite movies. They included apocalyptic and dystopian worlds depending where people would hold onto scraps of the pre-apocalypse world. I also enjoyed cyberpunk tales such as Bladerunner.It was dark and different and definitely not for everyone. Then it narrowed abit when I discovered fantasy films like Hayao Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle,Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind,Castle in the Sky and Spirited Away. It was when I discovered the steampunk subculture that I found the only way you can have a multi-era, multi-cultureand multi-tech world and have it work! This subculture finally made sense to me and I knew what it was!

Sim: Sen Clockwork, This Sim is what I think an Alice and Mad Hatterhybrid would be. Top hats, pocket watches, mixed patterns, artistic and eccentric,with a bit of show time magician-eque feel.

In steampunk you can have a hand-stitched fantasy without feeling like you’re trapped in a western-suburban modern-normal world. You have enough luxuries like indoor plumbing and some electricity while still being distant enough from the modern world to add an air of the exotic and adventurous.Steampunk is where the high end of a world could be aristocratic, Art Nouveau and/or Rococo, and the same world could have slums where you have unpolished woods or cozy peasant homes or gypsy hovels with mismatched treasures and colors. Right in the middle are middle and working class Victorian-esque, eccentric, DaVinici like apprentices (inventors, artists, writers, musicians and sculptors - all skills available in The Sims 3) and a steam powered - Tesla enthusiast core.And you can turn it up or down on how eccentric like it.

Steampunk and TheSims 3

I’ve been playing with The Sims 3 for less than a year, but I have been with The Sims franchise since the beginning. It was when I saw the Supernatural poster, that was it. I knew I was going to invest in The Sims 3. Supernatural had so many Victorian-styled items that I was hooked. By the holidays I bought up almost every EP/SP and have pre-ordered everything since. Then I started investing in The Sims 3 store worlds. That’s where I was sold on the Store. Sure I had a few sets with the free Sim points from registering, but this was serious collector mode now.

Houseboat: The Golden Compass, this is my first houseboat and I hadn't done a Steampunk build for a while. I liked using the World Adventures barrels,baskets and nectar racks. I even did a makeshift golden compass on the bridge of the ship.

I did want to mention to the Store team's growth and evolution; I am stunned and amazed bi-monthly, and am more excited about store worlds with the upcoming Midnight Hollow than the EPs! That’s not to say I’m not going ga-ga for Into the Future. The new tech, time traveling, and Plumbot-making couldn't go any better with inventors and steampunk fans! Just know I am re-coloring allthat silver and white to coppers, golds, and corroded metals. Sorry, I just had to do the fan-girling thing!

Another thing I discovered at the same time as The Sims Store was the Exchange and the builders in Creative Corner. I was already fully locked in to my Victorian and some whimsical but I did not fully lock into Steampunk until I saw Larifari2009's re-colors and builds! My first steampunk build was inspired by Larifari2009's re-colors and steampunk multiculturalism. I also found inspiration in Luckyheather's steampunk builds. Later on Murfeel, who probably  beats me on steampunk love, opened my eyes to Art Nouveau which gave me a step up for giving a more European feel to my steampunk builds. I was so happy with my first steampunk build, I'd stare at iton the Exchange; as silly as that sounds. Much to my surprise, hours later I saw a star, and it was featured! Well that was it; the building couldn't stop after that.

Clockwork Manor, this is my first legacy house and it is based on the Victorian manor with Asian and world travel influence. This build is a Gaslamp fantasy meets Steampunk.

Over the years, steampunk has expanded into subgenres such as steampunk-whimsical and steampunk-Victorian. Whimsical tends to be a more fun and fancy-free approach with inspirations from Final Fantasy to Wonderland.Steampunk-Victorian is a lighter version of Steampunk or even Gaslamp Fantasyfor the more conservative, more era-architectural inspired. All this diversity gives great flexibility for building and for being placed in other worlds or themes.

Building Tips

I think the infectious thing about Steampunk is how you can Steampunk almostanything (and where Steampunk fails usually Cyberpunk picks up). Do not disregard any items that you haven't re-colored/re-patterned first, the in-game defaults can be very misleading. If you’re ever not sure how to make something more Steampunk here are techniques that I use that usually are fail safe.

1. Re-coloring to: Medium, rich to dark woods; coppers, golds and corroded metals; and desaturating colors to look more worn out.

2. Using baroque and geometric patterns together, alone or in multiples.Occasionally use themed or abstract patterns where baroque and geometric are scarce.

3. Adding more clocks, tea pots, industry items, book stacks and bookshelves, inventions, alchemy items, sculptures, luggage, globes and maps decor.

4. Steampunk is very forgiving. You can use almost any build style and recolor or just add Victorian, eccentric, industrial or whimsical features.


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Clockwork Manor:

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Posted by: HollownessDevour

Not all the Sims in Midnight Hollow are eccentric. The Doe family appears to be the epitomy of normal, but then again appearances can be deceiving right? Producer Lisa Smith does not seem to be fooled by their perfect appearance. Learn more about The Sims 3 Midnight Hollow, available Thursday, September 26th on The Sims 3 Store!

The Doe family appears to be the picture of perfection. Jane is the perfect housewife, John is rising in the ranks at his corporate job, and their children are respectful and accomplished. With a life this perfect, we can’t help but wonder what it was that brought them to Midnight Hollow? What are they hiding behind their bright smiles?

Good Afternoon, Doe Family! Thank you for letting us be here today. You have a lovely home. 
John: Well that’s all due to my wife Jane here.  The light of my life keeps my home perfect and welcoming.
Jane: Oh, John. You’re making me blush!

Aren’t you guys precious.  Let’s start off with you telling me a little bit about yourselves!
Jane: Would you like some more tea?

Uhm. No thank you.  The cup you gave me just moments ago with the fresh baked scones is excellent.
John: There’s nothing to tell really. I’m living the dream in the corporate life and I come home to a beautiful wife, a clean home and excellent children! 

Well, it all seems pretty excellent.  So tell me, what brought you to Midnight Hollow? It seems a little dark for your sunny family.
Jane: *a little frantically* Are you sure you wouldn’t like that tea?
Joseph: *Gets up angrily, walks out of the house and slams the door*
Jenn: *Sits quietly and stares ahead with an eerie blank expression*
James: *Giggles and plays happily in the corner*
John: Uh. Heh. You know. Just a change of scenery. You never know where the winds will take you and all that. 



So how about a tour of the house?
John: You know, it’s clear that Jane isn’t feeling too well. I think it’s time for you to go.

Missed the Midnight Hollow trailer? Watch it here!

Did you spot these two Sims in The Sims 3 Midnight Hollow Trailer? Get to know them a bit more in this interview! Only The Sims 3 Midnight Hollow comes packed with exclusive Sims!

Marina Vasquez is spitfire of an woman. Her personal philosophy of "I've lived this long, so why not?!" how amassed her a small personal fortune, eclectic (rich tacky?) taste, and a slew of failed marriages, but that won't slow her down. She's fallen head over heels for Fausto and though he's 25 years younger than her she just knows that he's the one! And if he's not? She's lived this long! So why not?

Fausto Vasquez has always been known for his good looks and his charming personality and he rode on those traits for most of his life. Now as he sees his youth fading and realizes he has no real talent or experience to speak of he realizes he needs a new plan. He can love someone significantly older than him right? Or at least pretend to for awhile?


Good afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Vasquez.  Thanks for meeting with me.  You have a lovely home.
Fausto Vasquez:  Thank you.  It’s a blend of vintage and modern.  I think it says a lot about who we are.

It looks like you two have a very interesting relationship.
Marina Vasquez:  We do.  He likes to shop online and I like him dressing up like the delivery boy to drop off a package.  

That’s probably more information than we need to know.
Marina Vasquez:  Look Sparky.  Do you mind if I call you Sparky?

Actually I kinda do.  My name is...
Marina Vasquez:  Sparky, I stopped caring what people in this town think six administrations ago.  Before I met my little Fauzy-bear I was going to leave my fortune to my poodle.  
Fausto Vasquez:  But now that Snuggles is dead, I’m the only one you’re leaving it too, right?  I mean, not that it matters.  But I AM the only one?
Marina Vasquez:  Of course!  But I’m sure we’ve got many happy years ahead of us.  
Fausto Vasquez:  Sure.  But you never know what can happen.  Just look at what happened to Snuggles.
Marina Vasquez:  Yes.  I don’t know how she got out of her crate and past the door. 
Fausto Vasquez:  …and the gate.  

Um… let’s move on.  Marina, you grew up in this town.  Is there anyone you would recommend I interview?
Marina Vasquez:  Have you met Wheeler?  If there was anyone that should have more money in town than I do, it’s him.  But you see him on the street and he’s this weird hobo.  

Thanks for your time.  

The Sims 3 Midnight Hollow is filled with a vibrant community where every Sim has a story of their own. Designer Alan Copeland interviews a few and shares them here! See if you can spot Katerina in The Sims 3 Midnight Hollow Trailer! To find more about Midnight Hollow, click here!

Katarina's love for dolls came at a young age, she adored them, all of their fashion and all of the possibilities for them. As she aged her only aspiration was to be like her beloved doll. Now with pristine skin and an almost expressionless face she loves everything she sees in the mirror and doesn't want to be alone. She has her eyes set on collector Jack Limb because if anyone can appreciate perfect upkeep of a doll, it's him; but his feelings for that perfect Sarah Holden are standing in her way.

Hello , Katarina, it’s nice to meet…
Stewart: Oh, I’m sure it is!  I could just imagine meeting somebody as fabulous as me and it’s got to be one of the highlights of your life!  But enough about me, what do YOU think about me?

Someone mentioned your eccentric sense of fashion.
Stewart:  They did?  Really? Who?  No, seriously… who said that?!  Was it Jack Limb?  Please tell me it was Jack.

I believe it was Mr. Hyde.
Stewart:  Well, I really am fabulous and Lucien was really sweet to point that out.  But I feel like, what’s the point of being a doll if you don’t have a fantastic wardrobe to play dress up?

Well, since you brought it up… It’s easy to see the comparison between you and a doll.  Your skin is flawless.  Pristine.  Almost plastic.  And is your face is… what’s the most delicate way of putting this?  Is your face stuck like that?
Stewart:  Oh… you’re too kind.  I really have put a lot of work into making sure people always seeing the best ME as possible.  I really am a collector’s edition.  All of my dolls have been just perfect for me.  How can they love me if I’m not doing my best to be perfect for them?

Have you met anyone interesting here in town?
Stewart:  *giggle* Is that your not so subtle way of asking me out?
Actually this is just one of the interview ques…
Stewart:  Shhhhh!  It’s OK.  I won’t tell anyone.  But I’m not seeing anyone right now because I have my eye on a certain collector.  Only somebody like Jack Limb would know the right way to properly care for someone like me.  

Jack Limb?  But isn’t he dating Sarah Holden?
Stewart:  You probably can’t tell it from my facial expression right now, but I’m in a full on rage!  How dare you bring up that llama faced loser?!  

Well that’s not very nice.  She seems like a very pleasant person.
Stewart:  I’m so glad I decided not to date you!  If my tear ducts hadn’t been removed I would be sobbing!  This interview is over!